BORiS is an engagement marketing agency, specialised in live communication, brand activation and event marketing. We work directly for advertisers as well as for communication agencies who don’t have the field execution in house. At BORiS, we like to be involved early in the process to offer an A to Z service. From crisp strategic and creative recommendations based of clear insights to perfect execution and follow up. Meet the team of experienced marketing professionals and young go-getters.


The Instigator

With an already impressive palmares Dirk has brought BORiS to life together with David & Jonathan. His 14 years of experience in marketing makes him the perfect man to take care of the strategic and creative processes that BORiS Agency has to offer.


The Calculator

Because of David, we can do what we do. Every penny that goes in and out of BORiS has to pass by David. Next to the entire financial department he’s responsible for many of the great internal processes that keeps BORiS going. And once every year, a couple of weeks, he disconnects from everything, by traveling the world and following his kite (and the wind).


The Producer

What do you get when Chuck Norris and McGuyver have a baby? Jup, you get Jonathan. A multitalented production manager who is the driving force behind the field. He makes sure everything looks like it does. Just check out our photo’s on the website. That says it all.

Jonathan-Fact: Jonathan has counted to infinity – Twice.


The Socialiser

As Account Director, Katleen is the first contact point for all our clients, new (and old of course). With a loving and energetic approach, she directs the team of Project Managers both in group as individually on their projects. Her large network and many years of experience (brand and agency side) makes Katleen the perfect woman for the job. Her inexhaustible source of energy makes sure the office is never boring (or quiet). Don't hesitate to go and have a talk with her on one of the many festivals or events this summer that she always attends. Never a dull moment with her!


The Creative

Crackin’ jokes and developing festival concepts since 2014 at BORiS Agency. Vincent spends most of his time in the summer on the festivals for great brands such as Bacardi & Alken-Maes. If you don't see him on one of the festivals in Belgium or The Netherlands you'll probably run into him at one of many other events. With a big interest in design, music and other creative processes he keeps an eye on how BORiS looks (and feels). Next to the office hours he’s occupied with organising his own events fed by his love for house music.


The Kid

Straight from school and off with the training wheels! It took about 18 minutes for Yessica to make herself feel at home at BORiS. Yessica is always ready to brighten up your day. She is responsible for brands such as Grey Goose, St-Germain and L’Oreal. Need an update from last week’s episode of Temptation Island? Yessica is your girl!


The Chief Agent

What a better way to introduce our new People Planner to the BORiS-team by sending her with 13 strangers into the mountains of Mayrhofen. A teambuilding that she won’t easily forget, we are sure. Right from the get go Maaike unfolds herself as a true Chief Agent and the go-to-person for all our agents (and non-agents.) Need someone to talk to? Don't hesitate to chat with her on Facebook!


The Wild Crafter

Mich is our man in the field. Just like ‘Bob’ there’s nothing that he can’t build. Going from huge festival stands to decorate beautiful bars, there’s nothing too big or too little for Mickey. With a great passion for art and graffiti he can give that extra touch to our projects.


The Wood Magician

Jaryth has a lot of wood… is good with wood. I mean he can build anything with wood. He’s like a lumberjack, but better. With his own awesome online wood construction shop he can make anything from a simple chair to a Casa Bacardi.
He also knows every line from South Park. Ask him to pronounce ‘spaghetti’.


The Tank

Scrolan aka 'The Tank'. And we are sure he has a licence to drive one too. The first in line to drive our BORiS fleet to location and to manage build-ups and break downs of many of our projects. With a passion for trucks, motorcycles and anything in between, he's the one to represent BORiS on the road, as in literally, on the road. Honk 2 times for him if you see one of our trucks driving! You can't miss them.